Repairs & Maintenance

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As You Wish, Pool & Spa, Inc is your best choice for Professional Repair and Maintenance for your Hot Tub, Swim Spa, Whirlpool Bath or Pool in Western Colorado. We are prompt, courteous, attentive and available for your questions virtually any time. With nearly 30 years of in-field experience, you and your system will be treated with the utmost care, knowledge and understanding.

Shutting down your spa for the season is dangerous for the system.
Seals, gaskets and O-rings can dry out and crack, causing expensive leak detection and repairs - any time of the year.
Since there is NO WAY to keep all water and moisture out during the winter, freeze damage is almost certain.
Finding and repairing cracked or broken lines will cost more than keeping the spa running.
Circuit boards and other electronics could fail due to being frozen for extended periods (over 2 weeks).
Heater elements and other metal parts may rust and fail.

It is just not worth the expense of shutting down an outside hot tub / spa.


When You Need Professional Help

As You Wish, Pool & Spa will inspect your hot tub or pool system at no charge. We carry the widest variety of the most frequently used replacement parts in our inventory. Most other parts can be delivered and installed within 24-48 hours in Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Rifle CO and surrounding areas. Click here to see a Map of Our Coverage Area.

Call us at  970-928-8543  so we can help!

Due to to liability limitations, we can not provide consumers with troubleshooting, repair or wiring advice for do-it-yourself repairs.


Professional Weekly Service for Maximum Enjoyment
Proper maintenance of Hot Tubs, Pools and Spas is crucial to ensure your worry free enjoyment.

All systems should receive attention at least once per week. This is particularly important during the winter season and during periods of high use.

As You Wish, Pool & Spa, Inc will properly balance your water chemistry, clean your filter(s), remove debris from your water, perform a system check, add water when necessary, clean your cover, and - if needed - will remove snow from your cover and the path to your hot tub / spa at no additional charge.

Call us at  970-928-8543  to get on our weekly schedule!

We Repair and Maintain ALL Makes & Models

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If yours isn't listed here, don't worry! We can help you! Just call  970-928-8543