Hot Tub & Pool Heaters

Gas and Electric Heaters

Heater issues are one of the easiest to diagnose. Most problems occur wherever water makes contact, such as at the heat exchange / tube bundle (gas heaters) and heating elements (electric heaters). Water breaks down everything given enough time. Poor water chemistry accelerates the process. As a result, heat exchangers leak and kill your pilot light and heater elements break down causing a short (circuit breaker tripping).

Of course, thermo couplers, pressure switches and all sensors and relays can cause a heater failure. Gas valve failures are rare. However, like everything else, they don't last forever.

Repair & Replacement

Professional Help When You Need It Most
Repair and replacement of heaters and components to keep your  hot tub and pool running.

When your Hot Tub or Swimming Pool Heater isn't doing its job, call us for a free inspection and estimate. The number one problem we see on systems that aren't heating properly is caused not by a faulty heater or even heater components, but by a dirty or old filter!

As You Wish, Pool & Spa, Inc can repair any residential or commercial swimming pool or hot tub heater ever made - or advise replacement on obsolete units.

Some of the most popular heater brands are: RayPak, Laars, Coattes, StaRite, PacFab, Ramco, Brett Aqualine, Hayward and Comfort Zone.

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Due to to liability limitations, we can not provide consumers with troubleshooting, repair or wiring advice for do-it-yourself repairs.

We are based in the Roaring Fork Valley (Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Rifle CO). Click here to see a Map of Our Coverage Area.

Heaters & Components

Most heaters can be repaired.

Some of the replaceable components of a heater are:

» Pressure / Flow Switches
» Circuit Boards and Igniters
» Thermo Couplers & Gas Valves
»Thermostats & Hi-Limit Sensors
» Heating Elements & Heat Exchangers


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