Filters and Chemicals

Keep Your Pool & Spa Sparkling Clean

Filters and proper water chemistry are what keeps your water safe, clear and smelling good.

Unicel Filters for your Aspen, Carbondale, Grand Junction, Rifle CO Hot Tub and Swimming Pool

The proper filter and filter maintenance are THE most important aspect of water clarity.

You can have all the chemicals in the world, but if your filter is dirty, old or falling apart, those chemicals won't do you any good.

Unicel Filters for your Spa

The Best Hot Tub Filters in the Industry
As You Wish, Pool & Spa only sells the finest poly filter.

The Unicel brand is the premier filter cartridge for the spa industry. Unfortunately, there are inferior filter cartridges made by others that you'll find listed online and sold by other dealers who say theirs "replaces Unicel C-XXXX" They LOOK the same and you pay less, but you get a sub-par filter that will cost you more in the long run.

Don't be fooled! Some dealers will sell you inferior replacement cartridges at Unicel prices.

Always Ask for the Unicel Brand


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Swimming Pool Filters

Sand & Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.)
Don't waste your money on cartridge filters!
DE and Sand Filters save money and work better than filter cartridges in your Aspen, Grand Junction, Rifle CO pool.

DE Filters are the preferred choice for pool filtration. DE systems filter the smallest of micron contaminates from the water. However, the maintenance and handling of the DE media can be difficult and hazardous.

Therefore, in most cases, a sand filter is the practical choice of filter media to use for your pool.

NEVER allow a cartridge filter system to be installed on your pool. This is just a gimmick to force you to buy expensive cartridges.

With a sand filter, the sand only needs to be changed once every 7-10 years. The only special requirement is that there be a drain available for backwashing the sand. This procedure cleans the sand of the particles it has collected from the water.

The space requirements are about the same for all three forms of filtration.

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Chemicals & Supplies

As You Wish, Pool & Spa offers a wide variety of chemical brands and pool and hot tub supplies:

    Some of the brands we carry are:
  • » GLB and Rendezvous
  • » Leisure Time & Zodiac
  • » Guardex and Hydrotech
  • » Rainbow and Taylor

We will be happy to help you determine which chemical treatment is best for you.

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