Motors & Pumps

The "Heart" of Your Pool or Spa

Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Motors / Pumps come in a variety of sizes, horsepower, voltages, configurations and combinations. We never sell re-manufactured, rebuilt or reconditioned motors. You can expect to get 5-10 years from a good new motor.


Shaft Seals

The Most Common Source of Pump Leaks

Shaft seals consist of rubber, porcelain and spring metal. Their job is to protect the motor from water damage. However, over time, the elements of the shaft seal break down and begin to leak water onto the shaft of the motor. Because at first the leak is minimal, and can evaporate from the heat of the motor, it may go unnoticed. The leak will increase to the point where you will be adding water or noticing water underneath your hot tub. By this time, the water is traveling down the motor shaft to the electrical and mechanical parts of the motor. This causes the motor to fail.

Shaft seals should be changed every 2-3 years, before they start to leak. Shaft seals cost $10-$15 compared to motors that can cost between $200-$500.

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Due to to liability limitations, we can not provide consumers with troubleshooting, repair or wiring advice for do-it-yourself repairs.

We are based in the Roaring Fork Valley (Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Rifle CO). Click here to see a Map of Our Coverage Area.


Wet Ends

Wet End + Motor = Pump

Wet Ends house the shaft seal and the impeller (the part that pushes the water). Wet Ends also have their own gaskets and O-rings. A Wet End consists of a volute (backplate) and faceplate. Wet Ends can crack from age or freezing and generally can be repaired. We carry the widest selection of new and used Wet Ends parts. NEVER reuse a shaft seal, O-ring or gasket.

Brands of Motors and Wet Ends we commonly replace:
  • » Waterway
  • » Aqua Flo
  • » Hayward
  • » Sta Rite
  • » Magnetek
  • » Century
  • » AO Smith
  • » Pac Fab
  • » Vico
  • » Jacuzzi
  • » Safforall
  • » Laing
  • » Grundfos
  • » Emerson

Motors, Pumps, etc

As You Wish, Pool & Spa, Inc repairs and replaces pumps and motors:



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